It’s time to rethink the way the fashion industry works.

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The fashion industry has forever been in the limelight because of its controversy that keeps on surging . Many big brands make it into headlines every day that talk about the “offensive content” that they keep on creating. For instance, the bloody ‘Boston Massacre’ printed t-shirt from Nike in 2013…

Climate change calls for us to change our habits of apparel shopping.

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One afternoon in mid-July 2020, during the lockdown period, I was enjoying the cool breeze from the rain on my balcony while scrolling through BBC news on my phone. And one topic caught my attention- ‘Can fashion ever…

You can always learn from your mistakes

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Imagine going to your first job interview all prepared & confident and getting back home all depressed and sad because things did not turn out the way you planned. Maybe we all have been in such situations. Every time things may not go…

The hidden cost behind your apparels

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In April of 2013, the news headlines in Bangladesh were trending with a heart-wrenching incident where an eight-story commercial building collapsed killing 1132 people and leaving 2500 people seriously injured. This incident created an uproar in the fashion industry. The commercial building ‘Rana Plaza’…


An overthinker enjoying her new found hobby of writing and creating stories.

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